pigment treatment even for darker skin

Pigmentation, Patchy Skin in Many Forms

pigment treatment even for darker skinTo look into the issue of pigmentation we spoke with Andrew the owner of Detail Smoother Skin Clinic in Sydney. One of his specialty treatments is using the PicoWay and this is pigmentation removal treatment in Sydney.


What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation can also be referred to as pigmented lesions, these are disturbances in the skin’s colour. Some of the most common concerns in Sydney are age spots, freckles and sun damage. At Detail Smoother skin they use two specialty machines depending on your skin type. The GentleLase Pro and the PicoWay are both medical grade lasers from Syneron-Candela and FDA approved for the treatment of pigmented concerns. The GentleLase Pro targets the melanin content of the skin to even out skin colour and tone and is excellent for lighter skin. The PicoWay is the latest in pigmentation removal for all skin types, light through dark.


What are some of the common names for Pigmented Lesions?

  • pigmentationFreckles on face and chest, referred to as Lentigines.
  • Sun spots, age spots, liver spots are classified as Solar Lentigines and are caused by sun exposure.
  • Birthmarks which are flat and pigmented, referred to as Café au lait Macules
  • Coined the “pregnancy mask”, melasma is caused by hormonal changes often during pregnancy and shows up as grey or brown patches on either side of the face


Some skin types are prone

There are certain skin types that are prone to pigmentation and these are mainly Asian skin or darker skin types. These skin types are also susceptible to acne and later to acne scarring which has lead to a lot of treatments in Sydney for acne scar removal.

In the past darker skin has been a problem for clinics as lasers that create heat through photo thermal activity have often lead to hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation which are further changes to the skins colouring. The big breakthrough in Sydney has been the introduction of the PicoWay laser. Because the PicoWay does not use heat, it actually uses sound to break up the pigment, there is much less risk of complications or side effects. Smoother Skin has seen excellent results for their melasma treatment in Sydney as well as traditional pigment removal treatments.


chest pigmentation removed


Are these treatments safe?

They are safe, all of our devices are FDA approved in the United States of America and TGA approved in Australia for the treatments we are using them on. As a clinic we have very highly trained clinicians who undertake rigorous training before they are able to fire any of our lasers.


What would your advice be for consumers

To take action, too many people suffer from a skin concern but do nothing about it. The first step that anyone needs to make if they believe they have a problem with pigmentation or any other skin concern is to get this looked at by the experts. We offer a free consultation to have your skin assessed and you will then have the information you need to make an informed decision to better your skin. Often it is not the damage or the issue on the skin, it is the problems this causes in confidence, self esteem and so on. The difference we see in customers who have had a tattoo removed or acne scar or cellulite reduced is not so much the physical change (which is what you first notice), but the change to the person and their confidence, their smile. That’s what we love to see at Detail Smoother Skin Clinic in Sydney.


Health, love and happiness – Joanne