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If you would like to contact me to discuss anything on my blog, or if you have a topic that you can’t find accurate information on. I am happy to add a popular subject area into my calendar to interview one of our expert clinics. Please note however that I want to bring light to many of the “non sexy” treatments, those treatments that many people need but are not endorsed by a celebrity of currently trending in the news.

While this website and blog is my passion, I do not get paid in any way to provide this information, which means writing articles will often slip down my to-do-list with other deadlines from work take priority. Please be assured that this does not diminish the priority of this information, it’s just that my day job pays the bills so has to take priority.

This means that replying to emails slips the furthest down my to-do-list (just being honest) so apologizes if you do not get a prompt reply.

Health, love and happiness – Joanne

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