About Joanne’s Mission

First of all, thanks so much for visiting my site and reading my thoroughly researched content.

Secondly, a disclaimer; please note that the content on this website, while well research and a result of interviewing experts across Australia is not meant to be advice for any one individual. This is general information designed to inform and act as a starting point for discussion with your GP/ dietician/ health provider.


A big thanks!

I could not have put this website together without the assistance from four clinics and I would like to recognise them as they offer this information as a way of contributing to the industry and without pay or contribution. In Sydney I would like to thank Smoother Skin Clinic and Tattoo Removal Specialist. In Melbourne I would like to thank Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic and in Brisbane The Harley Clinic. Thank you all so much, I know you are very busy and my interviews take up your valuable time.


Why spend my valuable time on this site?

I have been a journalist for my entire career. Unfortunately my employment contract with the beauty website/ blog I work for precludes me from writing for another website (paid or voluntary). Even though this website is voluntary, I can’t use my real name, so I have used my pen name. Just wanted to let you know that before you read the website in the full disclosure.

The reason I have wanted to deliver this website (for many years) is I have to write a lot of blog articles a week and the topics are always set for me and to be honest they always revolve around celebrities or trending topics. While I love my job and I love writing, I want to write some articles on what I want to write.

The reason I have not done this earlier I guess is the same reason many chefs don’t cook at home, they do it all day and want a rest. The other reason is my restraint from my work.

So, I have started this website on a friends domain (thanks Joo) after spending Christmas with my oldest friend and again discussing what I have been wanting to do for many many years. It was Joo’s idea for me to use a Pen name to get around my work’s restrains.

My goal for this website is to bring light to many of the “non-sexy” topics like pigmentation and non-surgical treatments.

Very excited to bring this to you and if you would like to contact me, you can do so through my contact page.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you find this useful.