Month: December 2016

Joanne tattoo

The art of tattoo removal

Tattoos have always fascinated me, I have always been someone who knew what I wanted once I saw it and tattoos have fallen right into that bucket. It wasn’t until I got a tattoo that was not done the way I wanted that I had to have a look into tattoo removal in Sydney. Before I started looking into getting my tattoo removed, I thought this would be a case of choosing a clinic near me and going for it. How wrong I was!

I have been researching tattoo removal for a while now and even written a couple of pieces for my work. There have been some big changes in tattoo removal industry in the last 2 years that will mean bigger changes to come once these new machines get some momentum.

Here is a picture of my tattoos below. Luckily no one at work knows I have them, because 1) I don’t have to work in the office much, I can work from home and 2) they are always covered with the shirts I wear. As I don’t have my sleeves done, no one will know unless I choose to tell them.

Joanne tattoo

My research lead me to a clinic in Sydney CBD called Tattoo Removal Specialist. I started seeing their Facebook ads a while ago and what interested me was their blog article which were very well written and very well liked (which tends to go hand in hand). I have referenced a couple in this article on different topics.

Probably the most important article I read from them was “The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal – PicoWay Vs NanoSecond”

One of the biggest mistakes I almost made and many people do when evaluating different tattoo removal providers is looking at the cost per session. If you do this you will see that some providers are a lot more expensive than others. Taking out the wildly cheaper quotes/ prices from dodgy Chinese import machines that will just scar you, there is a big difference between providers. The reason I found out is because of the machines they use.

A Qswitch is an older machine and relies on a lot of heat in the treatment. This machine is the one which you will see a lower cost per treatment. However if you look at the total cost to get a tattoo removed, you will see a lot of treatments needed. So on a Q-switch you will see between 8 and 15+ sessions needed depending on the colours in your tattoo. So if it is $200 per session you could pay $3,000 + all up.

A Picoway is a newer device that uses more photo-acoustic energy or sounds energy. This doesn’t seem like much of a change but sounds energy vs heat energy means less damage to skin. What this means is you can have more treatments, closer together. As the article above explains and gives an example for a black tattoo on Q-switch takes 18 months, on Picoway takes 6 months. A year difference because you can have treatments 2-3 weeks apart as opposed to 6-8 weeks apart on a Q-switch. Very interesting.

Removing part of my tattoo

I don’t actually want to remove all of my tattoo, I just want to remove the owl from the middle, this was not done well and the detail in it is not there. Not sure what I am going to replace it with yet but have 6 months to decide this 🙂

Joanne owl tattoo

This article I found very helpful in making this decision – “Can I Remove Some Of My Tattoo To Update It? “. What I also found very helpful was their tattoo removal guide, download it, it is a very good read.

tattoo removal guide - ref tattoo removal specialist sydney

So that is about all from me, I have had two sessions already on the Picoway and they have gone really well, only 4 more to go!

Health, love and happiness – Joanne